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Silke Weigang Deutsches RednerlexikonWeigang Top 100 Trainers Excellence

„Making international change and intercultural leadership processes agile“

Working internationally – in over 40 countries in almost 20 years – Silke Weigang specialises in the multilingual process support of intercultural teams. As a trainer, presenter, coach and speaker, she inspires her customers with her unique combination of flexibility, determination, empathy and imagination. The graduate in political sciences gained early intensive experience in international cooperation as an assistant to Bundestag deputies and as a project manager at the United Nations. Her recipe for success? Close observation and ask, ask, ask! „If this doesn’t work, how can we make it work?“ With her company, créono international leadership, she encourages and supports people from a wide range of industries and public institutions. Her special skills lie in the moderation or facilitation of international workshops and conferences right through to the process support of diversity teams. Silke Weigang is the author of various specialist books covering the topics of „leadership“ and „project management“.

Online-Coaching with Silke Weigang

Do you prefer to get in touch via Skype, Telephone or E-mail?

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and to arrange for a virtual appointment. The first half an hour of the arranged coaching session is for free. If you want to continue, you may pay the amount previously agreed upon easily via bank transfer. Together we will determine the process to follow, fix short terms of reference and hold reviews.

Please send me an e-mail/fax or call me. I look forward to getting to know you.


„Future of Work and Leadership“ in global business

  • Agile leadership in the era of digital revolution
  • Impact of Future Employees of the Gen Y, Z
  • Focus topics: „Leadership using the sandwich strategy“ – „Leadership without a superordinate function“
  • Leadership is more than just management

International (project) team development

  • Develop teams individually and continuously as a productive disruptor & transformation leader
  • Personal responsibility in the team: from risk analysis to crisis management

International transformation & change processes

  • Flexible handling of complexity, rapid change, uncertainty and tensions
  • Agile leadership of multicultural teams in international projects
  • Develop and manage virtual teams in a culture-oriented and goal-oriented manner

Diversity & Intercultural Management 4.0

  • Achieve and expand intercultural competence
  • Conflict management: recognise and reconcile differences and create synergies
  • Effective and efficient in business thanks to cultural awareness

References & Press

  • M J Abraham, Managing Director, SEW EURODRIVE India
    „With a clearer understanding of my motivation and drivers, the coaching with Silke helped me to become a more effective and centred individual and working professional.“
  • Gerd Schulda, Head of Competence and Change Management, MBDA (Airbus Group)
    „Supporting international project teams to re-energize respectful communication, to solve their conflicts and achieve strategic goals, Silke Weigang demonstrated particular competence in ambiguity tolerance, social skills and flexible process orientation.“
  • Emilia Müller, Bavarian Minister of State, StMAS
    „For an integration conference (150 participants, World Café), Ms Weigang guided us in a structured and goal-oriented manner and confidently steered us through the day. Experts, such as government representatives, valued her clear way of hosting the event.“


People, books and events which inspire me:

  • Meeting people, my children
  • Travel: adventures & different cultures & religions
  • Systemic resource-oriented counselling
  • Photography
  • Kenneth Ring: „What We Can Learn from the Near-Death Experience“
  • Chimamanda Adichie & TED Talks

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